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Visiting Artist DVDs

This is a weekly lecture series where artists, theorists, and curators present their own work and discuss it with the graduate student community. The MFA Fine Arts Lecture Series takes place at the Graduate Studios in Culver City.

Spring 2023


Fall 2022

Bruce Yonemoto
Jennifer Moon
Pau Pescador
Vanessa Conte
Nathan Gulick
Lauren Woods
von curtis
Fionna Connor

Spring 2022

Kim Abeles
Marjan Hormozi
Jade Gordon
Sabrina Artel
Marcus Kuiland
Tami Demaree
Umar Rashid
Brandon LaBelle
Jill Mulleady
Cristina Ochoa
Laurel Sparks

Fall 2021

Ken Lum
Pia Camil
Lili Bernard
Cirilo Dominie
Beth B
Puppies Puppies
the Wertheims
Sutapa Biswas
Hassan Khan
Trulee Hall
Kasper Bosmans
Ron Athey
Josh Kline