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Answers to frequenty asked questions can be found here or you can contact or (310) 665-6820.

Undergraduate - Applying

Undergraduate - Transferring

Undergraduate - Financial

  • What is the deadline to be considered for scholarship? Is a separate application required to be considered? Do you offer Diversity Scholarshps?

    While there isn’t a specific deadline to be considered for merit scholarships, funds are limited so we recommend that you submit your application for admission by the Priority Deadline of March 2nd. U.S. Citizens and permanent residents that would like to be considered for financial aid will also need to submit the FAFSA at using school code 001251. U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents are also considered for our Otis Diversity Scholarship when they submit the FAFA and have self-reported race/ethnicity data from the online application. 

  • Can I attend Otis College part-time?

    You have to be enrolled as a full-time student in order to receive any merit-based scholarships or financial aid. This would mean maintaining a schedule of at least 12 credits.

  • What opportunities for internships and jobs do students have?

    At Otis College, we have both work-study positions in the school as well as opportunities for our students to participate in internships. We have an annual intern fair where we invite companies from a variety of creative professions to meet our students and discuss internship opportunities. 80% of our internships are paid positions and many of our students have found that internships can lead to permanent positions after graduation.

Undergraduate - Housing

  • Is there on-campus housing at Otis College?

    Yes! We opened a new Residence Hall on campus starting fall 2016. The new facility has both single and double rooms, study lounges, a dining hall, cafe, a new student center and much more. Otis also offers housing in the Park West Apartments located across the street from campus. For more information, check out our housing page at

  • Do you need a car?

    No, the College has a number of ways of supporting students to access the city of Los Angeles as well as the local Westside neighborhoods. This includes everything from public transportation and short-term car rentals. Also, the campus has comprehensive amenities such as a dining hall and art store, with grocery stores and eateries in easy walking distance to campus.