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Disability Housing Accommodations

Residence Life and Housing recognizes the importance of providing reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. Under the Fair Housing Act, a reasonable accommodation is a change or exception to any rule, policy, procedure or service needed in order for a person with a disability to be able to have equal access to and full enjoyment of their home. Our goal is for students to be able to live in housing and have an equitable opportunity to be successful in academics and all social aspects of the Otis College Residence Life program. 

Otis College’s Disability Services is responsible for the evaluation and approval of all requests including housing accommodations. If you are a student with a disability and are seeking reasonable accomodations, you will need to submit an application to register with Disability Services. The application can be found on the Owl Care portal located on the student Dashboard. For housing accommodations, you are required to apply on an annual basis

Otis College’s Disability Services will accept applications for accommodations at any time. We encourage you to submit your request for accommodations after you complete your housing application. Due to the limited number of single rooms and ADA compliant rooms, priority is given to returning residents and those with the highest medical need.  

If you are a returning resident who has completed a Disability Services application previously, contact Disability Services directly for annual registration. 

For questions or more information, contact Disability Services: 
Dr. Jason Cha
Or visit the Disability Services website


Types of Housing Accommodations

  • Service / Support Animals

    Residents with proper documentation through Disability Services may be permitted to have one service animal or support animal in their suite or apartment. Pets are not permitted in housing and Service/Support Animals may not reside in housing without prior written approval. There is only one animal allowed per student with appropriate documentation. 

    The following important information can be found in The Hoot in regards to Service/Support Animals:

    • Procedures for Approval (including specific documentation requirements)
    • Responsibilities of the Owner
    • Areas Off Limits to Service and Support Animals
    • Removal of Support Animal
    • Frequently Asked Questions


  • Medical Single Room

    Residents with proper documentation through Disability Services may be eligible for a medical single room in the Residence Hall. Medical singles are not available at any other housing location. There is a limited number of single rooms for medical accommodations and is based on medical need. 

    If you are approved to live in a medical single you will have a private bedroom and no direct roommate. Some medical singles may be within a suite and you will have suitemates, but no direct roommate. If medical singles are not available we do our best to assign you to a bedroom with only one direct roommate and no suitemates (double room).

  • ADA Compliant Room

    Residents with proper documentation through Disability Services may be eligible for an ADA compliant room in the Residence Hall. ADA Compliant rooms are not available at any other housing location. There is a limited number of ADA compliant rooms for medical accommodations. Please be specific on your Disability Services application when describing your ADA needs.

  • Meal Plan

    Prior to requesting a meal plan accommodation through Disability Services students are required to meet with Bon Appetit’s General Manager to discuss specific dietary needs. If Bon Appetit cannot reasonably accommodate your medical needs then students will need to submit proper documentation through Disability Services to be eligible for a meal plan accommodation. 

    To set up a meeting with the General Manager, contact: 

How to Request a Housing Accommodation

Use the steps below to submit a Disability Services application on the Owl Care Portal:

Step 1  - Gather appropriate documentation

  • Read the Guidelines for Documentation for general information

  • For Service and Support documentation details, read The Hoot section titled, “SERVICE/SUPPORT ANIMALS IN THE RESIDENCE HALL/AFFILIATED-HOUSING”

Step 2 - Open the Owl Care Portal to access the application

  • Owl Care is located on your student dashboard.

Step 3 - Click Application under the Accommodations Tab

Step 4 - Complete the Disability Services application and upload documentation

  • Be sure to thoroughly complete the application and be specific on the type of accommodation you are seeking
  • Service Animals is a menu item to select, but all other housing accommodations must be added under the “Other Requested Accommodations” box
  • Here are several examples of accommodation requests to include: 
    • Emotional Support Animals
    • Single Room 
    • ADA Room
    • Meal Plan

Step 5 - Contact Disability Services to set up a meeting

  • Directly after you submit the application be sure to email or call Disability Services to set up a meeting. To clarify, there is no notification to complete this step and it is your responsibility to set up an appointment to complete the application process.