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As a national and international leader in art and design education, Otis College is committed to expanding its reach globally through its substantial network of talented and successful alumni, its signature and tailor-made programs with partner institutions, and its active engagement in the disciplines of art and design. Otis College actively develops international partnerships with higher education institutions, art organizations, and creative professionals around the world as a means to furthering its contributions to the evolving landscape of those disciplines, of higher education, of integrated learning in and across art and design.

International Partnerships Office

The International Partnerships Office, along with the support of the International Partnership Committee helps steer all international-oriented activities for the institution, in collaboration with Travel & External Study, Extension, and Admissions Office.International Partnerships at Otis College supports the research, design and implementation of internationally focused and multidisciplinary experiences to develop and enhance teaching, learning, and creative practices around the world. We create and facilitate platforms to engage in discourse exchange and practices with international institutions and constituencies, and continue to serve and inspire culturally diverse artists, designers and creative professionals around the world.

What We Do

Otis College continues to actively engage in international activities through:

  • Travel and External Study
  • Network of International Alumni
  • Faculty Exchange Programs
  • Field Study Programs
  • Industry Partnerships and Sponsored Projects
  • Tailor-made and specialized programs
  • And more.

International Partnerships Committee

Lead by the International Partnerships (IP) Office, the International Partnerships Committee supports the College's goals of seeking, developing, and planning for the implementation of new and ongoing inrernational partnership opportunities. Formed in response to the 2019-24 Working Strategic Plan's Goal 3, Objective 2, Strategy A, the Committee is the College's top advisory body on matters of poetntial, ongoing and prospective international partnerships, and helps us connect to possible new partner entities, institutions, and funding sources, and define implementable new ideas and activities. The Commitee includes individuals and designess from the President's Office, the Provost's Office, the Dean of Extension, Department Chairs, the Travel and External Study Coordinator, Admissions, and the Executive Director of International Partnerships (Committee Chair). 


Serving as the College’s and IP Committee’s hub, the IP Office is our center for information about and coordination efforts in partnership-related activity, helping these across campus to connect, share resources, and find needed planning and implementation support. Coordination with Extension will allow a needed focus on strategies for the development and implementation of international partnerships activities, including the facilitation of relationships and collaborations, ensuring regulatory compliance and quality of experiences offered, and championing resulting international efforts that bring to Otis’ campus, or send abroad from Los Angeles, partnership activity participants. As the first point of contact for potential partners, the IP Office liaises with others on campus and with IP Committee members and partner institutions about possible or ongoing partnership activity.