All students entering as first-year students participate in the Foundation Program. Foundation students take studio courses along with Liberal Arts and Sciences, including content from the Creative Action Integrated learning program. All Foundation Studio courses are the central pillar to support students' academic success. As artists and designers, our roles in the industry are versatile, and having a wide range of abilities allows artists to be more driven. The foundation Studio curriculum is designed based on the emerging needs of the creative market, new technology skills, instrumentalized knowledge, the pursuit of critical thinking and innovation, imagination, and social responsibility. 

Starting in the fall of 2024, we are launching a new curriculum: the first semester aims to provide a more cohesive and unified learning experience across different sections, ensuring students receive consistent foundational knowledge. During the second semester, first-year students will take three Foundation-studio courses and two LAS classes, which offers students greater flexibility by allowing them to choose two courses from the diverse Foundation Studio options, one major elective to support their interests and career goals, and two Liberal Arts and Science courses. During the first year at Otis, students will experience our one-of-a-kind, immersive Foundation Studio program, which will help them make the best choice for their future major and career beyond Otis College.