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The Motion Design minor will provide students the opportunity to combine graphic design principles with animation techniques to create visually compelling and dynamic graphics for a wide range of applications, such as television, film, advertising, and social media. Students in this minor will develop a unique and valuable skill set that can enhance their career prospects in the rapidly evolving digital media landscape.

Participating Departments

The Motion Design minor is open to all undergraduate majors.

Motion Design Minor Required Courses

  • ILUS220 Type for Illustrators - 3 credits
  • MOTN230 Motion Design Fundamentals - 3 credits
  • MOTN330 Motion Design I - 3 credits
  • MOTN331 Motion Design Explorations - 3 credits
  • Motion Elective* - 3 credits

Total - 15 Credits

*A limited choice of LAS and Studio courses will count as Motion Design Minor Electives, as determined each semester by the Interdisciplinary Studies Director, Animation Chair, Game and Entertainment Design Chair and Graphic Design / Illustration Chair. Examples include: AHCS222 History of Graphic Design and Illustration, various courses in typography, social media, motion design, and video editing.

See Animation, Game and Entertainment Design, Graphic Design, Illustration and Liberal Arts and Sciences for course descriptions.

For more information, download the following PDF to see how the Motion Design requirements fit into your chosen major:

For students who entered Otis College as Foundation students in 2023-24 (class of 2027):
Motion Design Minor Info Sheet 2023-24 (see Degree Works for Academic Plan)